Needles for ophthalmic and microsurgery

Chirana T. Injecta also offers materials for Eye surgery and Microsurgery. Atraumatic combinations are composed from threads of highly thin calibre and special needles.

Micro-point spatula – needle has a thin flattened profile which makes it possible to easy penetrate among tissue thicknesses. The needle is flattened all over the length and it’s cutting at the sides.

Micro-point – needle with micro-point. It is produced in a unique way of grinding, this provides very sharp cutting edge.

Please click needle type for the corresponding delivery program.

3/8 circle
needle 2 x DLZ6,4-200, 1xDLZ6,2-150, 1xDLZ6,4-200, 2xDLZ6,2-150, 2xDLZ6,4-200
needle 2xGLZ16-150
1/2 circle
needle 2xHLZ8,0-200
1/4 circle
needle 2 x VLZ8,0-350, 2xVLZ8,0-350
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